How Do I Keep Birds Away From My Cherry Tree

Keeping Birds Away from Cherry Trees

Cherry trees are prized for their bright and beautiful blossom, and their sweet and juicy fruit. But they can be vulnerable to birds. Birds can eat up a lot of the fruit, making it harder to get a decent harvest. Fortunately, there are ways to keep birds away from cherry trees.

One of the best ways to deter birds is by creating a physical barrier. If possible, put a netting over the tree that is fine enough to keep birds out but loose enough to not damage the leaves or branches. Nylon nets are a good choice, as they are lightweight and allow rain, light, and air to still reach the tree.

Another option is to make use of sound devices. These may come in the form of a firecracker, a water sprayer, or some other loud and startling noise. Birds are easily frightened by sound, so placing these devices in the vicinity of the tree may be enough to scare them away.

A third way to dissuade birds is with predator decoys. Hang one or two decoys of birds’ natural predators in the tree, such as an owl, hawk, or crow. This works by making it appear as if a predator is always nearby, causing birds to steer clear of the tree.

More significantly, it is important to address the underlying reasons why birds are attracted to the tree in the first place. Sometimes, birds may be drawn to a tree because of its offerings of sweet fruit, or because of its ideal nesting location. If this is the case, then addressing these issues can help stop the birds from returning to the tree.

For example, removing ripe or fallen fruit from the tree is a good way to deter birds from returning, as it eliminates the food source that attracts them. Additionally, birdhouses, bird baths, and other nesting spots can be removed from the area, which helps deter birds from wanting to linger in the vicinity.

Keeping birds away from a cherry tree is an ongoing battle, as birds will never permanently stay away. However, with a combination of the strategies discussed above, it is possible to deter birds and create a better, more bountiful harvest.

Understanding Bird Behaviour

To understand why birds are attracted to cherry trees, it is important to get to grips with how they behave. Birds are not only drawn to food, and in the case of cherry trees, they can be drawn in by the promise of a nesting spot. The limbs of cherry trees are ideal for constructing nests, shielding eggs and chicks from both the elements and other creatures.

Therefore, if birds have been attracted to the Cherry tree due to the promise of a nesting spot, it is paramount that this is addressed. Once the nesting area is removed, birds will be more likely to stay away from the tree, allowing it to flourish and bear fruit.

Aside from nesting spots, birds are equally attracted to a tasty snack and cherry trees may fit the bill. The sweet fruits and buds of cherry trees are often hard to resist for birds, who then flock to the trees and peck away. A cherry tree can act as a valuable resource for birds, so eliminating this incentive can help protect the tree and its harvest.

Again, simply removing ripe or fallen fruits from the tree is a good place to start. If a bird finds the tree empty and no nesting spots, it is likely to move on. Additionally, if the fallen fruit is inedible, this too can help dissuade the birds from returning, as the tree will appear to be an unreliable source.

Using Natural Repellents

In addition to physical and sound deterrents, natural repellents can be used to keep birds away from a cherry tree. Natural repellents are substances that are designed to ward off birds without harming them or their environment. These substances include garlic, onion, chili powder, and other spices that give off unpleasant smells and tastes to birds.

To use these attractants as repellents, simply sprinkle a generous amount around the base of the tree. The scent and taste should be enough to fend off any birds that may be eyeing up the fruit. Just remember to refresh the repellent regularly, as the scent can dissipate over time.

Using Visual Repellents

Similarly, visual deterrents can also be used to keep birds away from cherry trees. These tools vary from shiny objects and flags, to dog fur and brightly colored objects. These items create a scene that is unpredictable and is enough to discourage birds from lingering on a cherry tree.

The colour and type of object will depend on the birds that are targeting the tree. While crows may be unperturbed by colorful flags, doves may be more likely to be repelled by shiny objects and bright colors. Testing out different objects will help to find the right repellent.

Visual deterrents are fairly easy to use, as they only require setting up and leaving in the area. However, it is important to move the objects periodically, as birds may become used to the repellent if it is in the same spot for too long.

Making the Tree Unattractive

Making the tree less attractive is another good way of deterring birds. This can be done by trimming away overhanging branches and foliage, as this makes it more difficult for birds to hide amongst the tree and stay out of the sight of predators. Additionally, if there are artificial birdhouses or nests on the tree, removing them will offer birds fewer places to hide away.

Another way of making the tree unattractive for birds is to reduce the amount of water and nourishment it receives. A healthy tree is more likely to draw birds than a parched, drought-like one. Thus, reducing the amount of water the tree receives can help discourage birds from choosing the tree.

Finally, pruning away dead limbs and thinning the canopy of a tree can also help reduce the attractiveness of a tree. This is because the spaces created can be ideal spots for birds to settle, and thus thinning the canopy can make it less desirable for them.

Using a Scarecrow

Using a scarecrow is another way to keep birds away from cherry trees. A scarecrow doesn’t really have to look like a human being, but just like an intimidating figure or figure that looks or makes strange noises. It helps to hang brightly coloured objects and wind-bells around the scarecrow, as this can act as further deterrents to birds.

The best spot for a scarecrow is some place near the tree, and in a place where it can be seen. Once birds spot the scarecrow, they are likely to fly away from the area and look for easier pickings elsewhere. The scarecrow should be moved around every once in a while, as birds may become desensitized to it if it stays in the same spot for too long.


Keeping birds away from cherry trees is no easy task, and requires dedication and perseverance. However, with the right combination of physical, sound, natural and visual deterrents, it is possible to successfully ward off birds and protect the tree and its harvest.

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