How Tall Does A Meyer Lemon Tree Grow

Meyer lemon trees grow from six to ten feet tall in the home garden. They’re often grafted onto hardier rootstock to create a dwarf tree of six to eight feet tall. The tree bears small, thin-skinned and sweet-tart tasting lemons that can be used for both culinary and ornamental purposes. Meyer lemons are more cold hardy than other lemon varieties. With proper care and pruning, they can even survive in temperatures down to the mid-20s.

What Makes the Meyer Lemon Special?

Meyer lemon trees are a hybrid variety of citrus trees with a mild, slightly sweet-tart flavor. These lemons are an orange-lemon hybrid. They have a thin, smooth skin that ranges from yellow-orange to deep orange in color. Meyer lemons are also more cold tolerant than other lemon varieties, and can be grown in USDA zones 8-11.

How to Plant and Grow Meyer Lemons

Meyer lemon trees should be planted in well-draining soil in full sun. They can also be planted in containers, with the size of the container dependent on how large the tree is. For example, a two to four-foot tall tree should be planted in a 15-gallon container, while a larger tree will need a 20-gallon container. The tree should be pruned to maintain its shape and size. Prune it regularly throughout the tree’s life to promote healthy growth.

Caring for Meyer Lemons

Meyer lemons need regular fertilizing to promote healthy growth and fruit production. Use a balanced fertilizer formulated for citrus trees to provide the nutrients needed for vigorous growth. Meyer lemon trees also need to be watered regularly, at least once a week if there is little rain. The soil should be kept moist, not soggy, and treat for pests if needed.

Fruit Harvest and Storage

Meyer lemon trees should start producing fruit in the first year of planting. The lemons can be harvested when they turn yellow-orange on the tree. The trees can produce anywhere from two to three dozen lemons per year. Unripened lemons can be stored in the refrigerator and will keep for up to two weeks.

Pruning and Fruit Protection

Meyer lemons should be thinned throughout the year to ensure a good crop. Remove any lemons that are smaller than those that were set on the branches early in the season. To protect the lemons from pests and disease, cover the fruit with a bag or netting.

Environmental Conditions for Meyer Lemons

Meyer lemons will thrive in full sun and well drained soil. In fact, the more sun the tree gets, the more fruit it will produce. They will tolerate temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and need protection from colder temps. They will also usually require more water and fertilizer than other varieties of citrus trees.

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