How To Keep Birds Away From Cherry Tree

Cherry trees are a valuable source of food and shelter for birds, and many homeowners enjoy their presence. Unfortunately, birds can cause damage to cherry trees by eating their fruits, nibbling on their shoots and flowers, and making nests inside them. It’s important to learn how to keep birds away from cherry trees so that they can reach their full potential.

Put up Scarecrow Decoys

One of the most effective ways to keep birds away from cherry trees is to put up scarecrow decoys. These decoys can make birds think that there is a potential predator around and make them avoid the area. Homeowners can use any combination of artificial decoys, including birds of prey or plastic owls. They can also use physical barriers such as netting or spikes.

Discourage Food Sources

Another way to keep birds away from cherry trees is to discourage food sources near the tree. Gardeners can use a variety of methods to reduce the number of insects and other pests that birds find attractive. This can include such techniques as using insect predators, spreading diatomaceous earth, encouraging beneficial insects, and using sticky barriers.

Change the Habitat

Birds may be attracted to cherry trees due to the environment around them. Homeowners can discourage bird presence by changing the habitat near their trees. This can involve removing any shelter near the tree, such as piles of brush, and planting bird-unfriendly plants around the tree. Furthermore, providing birdfeeders away from the tree and reducing the amount of noise in the area can also deter birds from being attracted to the cherry tree.

Use Noise or Ultrasonic Devices

Another potential method of keeping birds away from cherry trees is to use noise or ultrasonic devices. These devices use sound to deter birds, either by producing loud and unpleasant sounds or by creating an ultrasonic signal that humans cannot hear. Though these devices may be effective, they should be used sparingly, as the noise may be disruptive to humans.

Implement a Nesting Deterrent

An excellent way to keep birds away from cherry trees is to install a nesting deterrent. This can include such things as covering the lower part of the tree with netting, attaching a vinyl or plastic cover to the trunk, or using owl or hawk decoys. The use of these deterrents can help discourage birds from making the tree their home.

Consider Chemical Repellents

The use of chemical repellents can also be an effective way of keeping birds away from cherry trees. Homeowners can use one of two types of chemical repellents: taste repellents, which have an unpleasant taste that deters birds from eating the tree’s fruits and leaves, or smell repellents, which have a strong odour. For safety reasons, homeowners should always read the instructions on the repellent and follow the directions carefully.

Employ Live Birds

Finally, some homeowners may consider employing live birds as a way of keeping birds away from their cherry trees. This can involve bringing in birds of prey or crows that eat other birds’ young. Alternatively, birds such as geese, ducks, or chickens can be used to scare away birds from the tree. Live birds should be used as a last resort, however, as they may become accustomed to the area and become pests themselves.

Encourage other Wildlife

Encouraging other forms of wildlife in the garden is also a great way to keep birds away from cherry trees. Planting native plants such as grasses, shrubs or wildflowers, building a pond or having a birdbath can provide alternative sources of food and shelter for wildlife, thus reducing the attractiveness of the cherry tree to birds.

Remove Debris

Removing debris from the vicinity of the cherry tree can also help discourage birds from gathering around it. This involves regularly cleaning up fallen leaves, fruit, twigs and other debris to reduce the attractiveness of the area. Additionally, regularly trimming the branches of the cherry tree can help reduce the nest-building potential of birds in the tree.

Invest in Motion-Activated Devices

Motion-activated devices can be an effective way of keeping birds away from cherry trees. These devices use sensors to detect motion and then activate physical deterrents such as patrols of plastic owls or flashlights. While this method may be a bit more costly compared to the other methods mentioned here, it can be an effective deterrent if other methods do not work.

Create a Visual Barrier

Homeowners can also create a visual barrier around the cherry tree by planting a tall hedge or evergreen bushes around the base of the tree. Additionally, a light-colored fabric draped over the tree can help reduce the attractiveness of the tree to birds. This method is preferable to netting, however, as it allows for the tree to still receive water and nutrients.

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