How To Keep Birds From Apple Tree

Keeping birds from an apple tree requires using a variety of measures. To start, it’s important to understand why birds want to feast on apples: they’re full of nutrients and easy to spot and access. Once you know the reason, it’s easier to take the necessary steps to keep birds away. Here are some methods to try.

Installing a Netting System

To keep birds from the apples, install a netting system. This is typically the most effective method for keeping birds away from trees. The netting must be large enough so the birds won’t get through and durable enough to withstand the elements. Make sure it’s also free of any sharp edges which could injure birds that land on it. Secure the netting in place, so birds can’t find a way in.

Using Scare Tactics

Scare tactics are another way to deter birds from entering the apple tree. These techniques include visual scarecrows, shiny balloons, metallic streamers, and recordings of predator calls. It’s important to be creative and switch up these tactics regularly, as the birds will get used to them if they are consistent and repeated. Make sure to use these tricks during peak hours of bird activity, such as early mornings and late afternoons.

Growing Native Heirloom Trees

By growing native heirloom apples, birds will have a better chance of staying away from your tree. Not only do native heirloom apples provide for pest resistance, but the birds are not as attracted to them as they are to other varieties. You also guarantee the longevity of the trees, as they will require less water and fertilizer than non-native varieties.

Providing Alternative Food Sources

Distracting birds by providing alternative food sources can keep them away from the apple tree. You can set up bird feeders with thistle seed and suet, or scatter seeds and nuts on the ground. It’s also beneficial to invest in native plants, shrubs, and flowers that provide seeds and fruits which are attractive to birds. Doing so won’t just divert their attention away from the tree, but also add beauty to your overall landscape.

Cleaning up Fruit Droppings

Fruit droppings attract birds, so it’s important to clean them up as soon as possible. Sweep up any fallen fruit and properly disposed of it away from the tree and other areas of the yard. This is imperative for keeping birds away, otherwise, they will be drawn to the tree thinking there are more available apples.

Pruning Trees Annually

Pruning the branches of the apple tree annually is another precautionary measure. This allows for air circulation, which helps to reduce the chances of fungi, pests and other diseases that birds may be attracted to. Removing insects and dead branches before they can become an issue can help prevent birds from invading the tree.

Physical Barriers

Physical barriers can also be used to keep birds away. These include chicken wire, bark-stripping paper, plastic owls, and visual repellents like bright flags or pinwheels. As with other scare tactics, these should be regularly switched up, so birds don’t become accustomed to them. Make sure the barriers are durable and well-supported, so that they don’t fall and injure any birds that perch on them.

Using Visual Repellents

Using visual repellents around the apple tree is another way to drive birds away. These can include items like colorful inflated balloons, plastic owls, or bright flags that sway in the wind. Make sure to hang these decorations at least five feet from the ground so birds can easily spot them from a distance and avoid the tree. Additionally, they should be moved around often so birds don’t become familiar and ignore them.

Maintaining Trees Year-Round

As with any agricultural task, preventing birds from entering an apple tree requires ongoing maintenance. This includes pruning trees annually and making sure they receive enough water and fertilizer. Pest and disease measures should also be taken regularly to discourage the birds from the area. Lastly, it’s essential to clean up fruit droppings and use scare tactics and other visual repellents to keep the birds away.

Creating Barriers

Creating physical barriers around the tree is also an effective method for discouraging birds. This can include chicken wire, bark-stripping paper, and other items that will stop birds from entering the area. Placing such items around all sides of the tree can provide an extra layer of protection and make it difficult for the birds to get through. Additionally, it’s important to regularly switch up the barriers and visual deterrents, so birds don’t become accustomed to them and ignore them.

Assessing the Problem for the Long Term

When it comes to keeping birds away from an apple tree, it’s essential to assess the issue in the long-term. You must determine what types of birds are causing the problem, figure out why they’re there, and take the necessary steps to remedy the situation. Taking the time to investigate, try different tactics, and monitor progress can help you achieve the best results in the long run.

Adding Scare Devices

Adding scare devices and visual deterrents is also a good way to keep birds away from an apple tree. Devices like plastic owls, shiny streamers, and scary recordings of predator cries can be effective in diverting birds and keeping them away. It’s important to switch up these scare devices and move them around in different locations regularly, so that birds don’t recognize them and ignore them. Nonetheless, these devices should be used sparingly, as they can quickly become ineffective when used too frequently.

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