How To Make A Cherry Tree Grow Faster

Tending to a Cherry Tree

It is not difficult to grow a cherry tree, but it does require proper tending and care to help it grow as quickly as possible. There are essential factors involved in making sure your tree has the best chances for fast growth. Understanding a few simple steps will help you create the ideal environment for your tree to grow.

Provide Enough Sunlight

The most important factor in helping a cherry tree grow faster is to ensure it receives enough direct sunlight; this is especially important in the early stages of growth. Plants need the energy from the sun to help convert carbon dioxide into sugars, which is their source of energy. If it is not getting enough light, the metabolic process slows down, leading to slow growth. You can place the tree in a spot that gets full or most of the day’s light and it should see faster growth.

Choose the Right Location

The location of the cherry tree is another extremely important factor in its growth. Choose an area that does not have strong winds, and maybe surrounded by some trees or plants to provide shelter for the tree. If there is too much wind, the cherry tree will not be able to effectively photosynthesize and the process of growth will slow.

Give the Tree Nutrition

A cherry tree needs a lot of nutrition to grow as fast as possible. Using a specially designed fertilizer for a cherry tree, apply it to the base of the tree near the roots at least every two weeks. Concentrate on loading up on nitrogen, as this element is essential for growing foliage and aiding in water transportation.

Maintain a Proper Amount of Water

Many gardeners make the mistake of either not giving their cherry tree the right amount of water or giving the tree too much. A young cherry tree needs to be watered around twice a week and a mature tree should be watered once or twice. Giving a cherry tree too much water can actually be counterproductive, as it can lead to stunted growth. Make sure the soil is moist, but not overly saturated.

Prune the Tree

Cherry trees also need to be pruned to help ensure they grow as quickly as possible. In the first year, you can prune the tree to encourage the growth of more branches, helping it to take the shape you want. Choose specific branches that need to be pruned and use very sharp shears. Remove any dead and weak branches, along with any that rub against each other.

Be Mindful of Pests

Cherry trees can be prone to pests and diseases. Regularly inspect the tree for any signs of problems during the growing season. If you spot any insects or disease, take steps to address it as soon as possible, in order to prevent it from spreading and affecting the health of the tree.

Prevent Winter Damage

It is important to protect a cherry tree from the cold during the winter months. Make sure the tree is supplied with water, especially during dry and cold winters. Cover the tree with a sheet or burlap to protect it further. Doing this will keep the tree’s roots insulated and warm, helping it to survive the winter and be ready to grow faster come spring.

Natural Aid for Growth

Other natural aids help make a cherry tree grow faster, including mulching and aerating the soil, allowing worms to access the root system and loosening the soil to allow for better oxygen flow. Making use of natural products like seaweed extract, rabbit manure, and potassium nitrate will help give the tree an extra boost when it comes to growing quickly.

Supporting a Sturdy Trunk

It is essential for a cherry tree to have a strong trunk for it to grow properly. To make sure it grows to be as bulky and sturdy as possible, keep an eye out for any small branches and shoots that appear below the graft of the tree. These tend to be weaker growth and should be continually pruned to make room for healthier branches which will support the tree.

Trimming Branches Without Damage

It is easy to damage cherry trees with careless pruning, so it is important to ensure the tree’s branches and leaves are cut back in a specific way. Cutting more than one third of a branch should be avoided, as this could seriously damage the tree, leading to slow growth. Also, make sure the cuts are clean, allowing the wounds to heal quickly and minimizing the chances of diseases.

Harvested Gently

When the cherries have ripened and are ready to be harvested, make sure to exercise care. Pull the branches gently and never yank them, as this could damage the tree’s structure. Also, use a sharp pair of scissors to ensure a clean cut. Damaged branches will take longer to heal, resulting in slower growth.

Using Plant Growth Promoters

Using a plant growth promoter is one of the best ways to make a cherry tree grow quickly. These products can help accelerate the growth of the tree in a safe and natural manner. They help increase photosynthesis and keep the tree healthy, making sure it can reach its full potential as quickly as possible.

Using Heat to Stimulate Growth

Heat can also be used to help stimulate growth. A few days after the tree is planted, it can be exposed to low doses of heat, allowing it to adapt to the new environment. This can be achieved by using a controlled amount of heat, such as from a fire pit or a blow dryer. Exposure to heat will encourage the tree to grow faster.

Against Freezing Temperatures

Freezing temperatures are detrimental to cherry trees, so make sure the tree is protected during cold winters. Wrapping the burlap or sheet around the tree, in addition to using a controlled amount of heat, can help protect the tree against the cold. This will help keep the tree’s roots insulated, allowing growth to continue even during the winter.

Know When to Stop Pruning

When pruning a cherry tree, it is important to know when to stop and leave it alone. If you find that the branches have mostly been cut, stop and allow the tree to recover. Heavy pruning can stress out the tree, hindering its growth. Keeping pruning to a minimum is key for helping a cherry tree grow faster.


By following these tips, you can easily help your cherry tree to grow faster, allowing you to enjoy a healthy and vibrant tree for years to come. Understanding the elements required for successful growth will help the tree reach its full potential no matter the environment. With the proper care and nutrition, you can guarantee a beautiful cherry tree.

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