How To Plant A Cherry Tree In Animal Crossing

Many Animal Crossing fans may be aware that the newest installment of the popular Nintendo game series, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, presents us with the opportunity to broaden our horizons in a variety of ways. From animal encounters on uninhabited islands, to crafting tools and musical instruments, and even gardening, there’s something for everyone. Planting cherry trees is one of the most rewarding activities for Animal Crossing players, and it can prove to be quite profitable as well! So here are the best tips to help you get the most out of your cherry tree planting.

The first step to cherry tree planting in Animal Crossing is to acquire some saplings. Saplings can be obtained from Leif’s shop or Nook’s Cranny, both of which are located on your island. It is important to note that cherry tree saplings come in two different sizes: Small and Large. It is recommended to always buy the Large saplings, as they will bear two fruit when fully grown. When it comes to purchasing saplings, it’s also important to note that you will need Flimsy Watering Can or better to water them. Once you’ve acquired the necessary materials, the real fun begins!

It is highly recommended to create a grid pattern when planting cherry trees in Animal Crossing. This will ensure that there is adequate spacing between trees, making sure that each individual tree is given the time and space to grow to its full potential. It is also important to take into account the fact that it takes at least three days for a cherry tree to fully grow from a sapling. Once it has been fully grown and matured, the tree will bear two pieces of fruit each day.

In addition to the usual planting process, there are also a few other techniques that can be used to ensure optimal cherry tree growth. When a cherry tree blooms, it is important to make sure that the flowers are pollinated. This can be done by simply shaking the tree and waiting for the petals to fall off, or using a net and catching the bees that are in the air. Of course, it is also important to make sure that the soil is kept moist, as this will ensure that the tree is getting the nutrients it needs. Finally, it is recommended to regularly check the branches of the tree, as this will help to identify any potential issues, such as a lack of nutrients or illness.

Watering, waiting and watching the trees grow is a sure way to get the most out of your cherry tree in Animal Crossing. With the right steps and patience, anyone can reap the fruits of their labor and enjoy all that cherry tree has to offer.

Advanced Strategies

Advanced cherry tree planting strategies can also be used to maximize cherry tree growth in Animal Crossing. For example, planting multiple cherry trees in the same spot can help to improve their health, as the trees will be better equipped to keep each other protected from any potential pests or diseases. Additionally, regularly pruning the trees and keeping the surrounding environment free of obstacles will help them to flourish. Finally, it is important to remember that cherry trees are fragile and need to be monitored in order to maintain optimal health.


The advantages of cherry tree planting are vast. Not only can it offer a great way to make bells, but it can also add a unique aesthetic to any island. Additionally, cherry trees can provide a great source of natural shade and help to keep the environment cool and comfortable. Finally, cherry trees are incredibly fruitful, bearing two pieces of fruit each day when fully matured.


Although cherry tree planting can be done without the aid of tools, there are some items that can help make the task easier. Of course, the most basic tool one needs to get the job done is a watering can. Having a quality watering can is essential in order to ensure that the soil is kept wet and that the trees are healthy. Additionally, an axe can be used to prune the trees and cultivate stronger branches. Finally, a slingshot or a net can be used to catch uninvited pests.

Interaction with Other Villagers

Cherry tree planting can also be a great way to interact with the villagers on your island. Offering to give them cherries is a great way to start conversations. Additionally, working together with other villagers to maintain their cherry trees is a great way to build relationships. Finally, participating in events such as the cherry blossom festival is a great way to get your village involved in the cherry tree planting process.

Maximizing Horn Schedule

When it comes to maximizing your cherry tree yield, it is important to make sure that they are planted on the horn schedule. The horn schedule is a system whereby cherry trees are planted at a certain point throughout the months so that they will bear fruit at their optimal rate. This system works by having the trees bear more fruit on their respective month’s horn cycle, with the yield gradually diminishing as the months pass. For example, cherry trees planted on the June horn cycle will produce the highest yield of fruit when the cycle reaches its peak in July. Therefore, if you are looking to maximize your cherry tree yield, it is important to take into account the horn schedule.

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