How To String Christmas Lights On Palm Tree


Stringing lights on a palm tree is easier if done with the right tools. Choose a light strand that is durable and fit the length of the tree. Check the bulbs to make sure they are securely attached to the strand – plastic or metal clips are ideal. As for hanging the lights onto the palm fronds, a sturdy ladder is necessary. If it is dry outside a screwdriver should also be handy. It is also important to know the wattage of the lights being used, you don’t want to overload the wiring.


It is important to plan the light placement in advance. This will determine how many strands are needed and how to arrange the lights on the tree. Choose a starting point and go for the classic lit frond look. For example, start from the lower left and move up the frond in a straight line and angle. Make sure the strands are evenly spaced and cover the entire frond. Give a gentle twist around the joints of the fronds to keep the strand in place and form an even, lit strand outline.

Outside or Inside?

When stringing lights on a palm tree it is important to consider the conditions of where they will be hung. Outside, string lights will be exposed to wind and rain, so the lights must have waterproof covers. Lights that have been specifically designed for outdoor use are ideal because they are sturdier and will not be damaged by the elements. Inside, ensure that the electrical sockets have been safely fitted and tested so that there is no risk of a fire hazard.

Safety First

Always use caution when stringing lights on a palm tree. Position the ladder securely before climbing and make sure that the tree is stable. Use rope to secure and suspend the lights if necessary. Tie any stray strands to the tree and check that the entire strand is secure. Be aware of windy conditions if outside, and always stay at ground level if it is not safe to be in higher positions.

Lighting Choices

When picking the lights for a palm tree there are a range of options available. Sturdy fairy lights that are thicker and longer-lasting tend to be a popular choice, although they can be more expensive. Coloured festive lights such as rainbows and starbursts are visually stunning. Multi-coloured LEDs are brighter, environmentally friendly and long-lasting and they can be a cost-effective option.

Cones and Ornaments

To really bring out the personality of a palm tree it can be decorated with ornamental and decorative pieces. Cones and balls made out of durable materials such as iron or wood look stunning when placed on the fronds and will last longer than seasonal ornaments. Items with a reflective surface will enhance the light, giving the tree extra sparkle and shine.

Focusing on the Summit

The tip or summit of the tree requires more attention as this is the focus point. Tie a bow at the top of the frond to give extra stability and add a metal icicle for a wintry touch. To finish, place a star or other ornamental item at the very summit, ensuring it is firmly secured.


If the lights are not lighting up, check the wiring on the strands and make sure they are securely connected. Carefully straighten out the wire and reattach the plugs if necessary. If it is only a single bulb that isn’t working this could be a sign of a malfunctioning strand; in which case it would be best to throw it out or replace it. If the lights are still not working this could be a sign of a faulty electrical socket; in this case replace the socket or get a professional to check it.

Maintaining Lights

To keep the lights looking new and their life extended, make sure to turn them off when not in use, store them away from moisture and keep them out of direct sunlight. If the tree is in an outdoors setting it is best to pack them away inside at the end of each season and store them away in their boxes.

Applying Special Effects

The lights on a palm tree can be used to create special effects. This can be done by using the trees outline, adjusting the colour of the lights, dimming them or using moving lights such as strobes and floodlights. For example, light the tree from the bottom up and then add special effects from the tip down to create an illusion of movement. This can be further enhanced by adding motion-sensor lights for an even brighter experience.

Tree Decoration Combinations

Palm trees are the perfect focal point for all kinds of decorations. Decorations can range from bows and ribbons to hanging decorations and other ornaments such as snowflakes, bells and stars. One more interesting decoration idea is to create a festive garland using a combination of natural materials such as pine cones, shells, leaves and moss. With garland lighting combined with the lights on the palm fronds, the tree will come alive with a unique visual display.

Light Timers and Controllers

If wanting to create a display with a timer, the normal socket plug timer or multi-function light controller will work. These can be used to control the lights and switch them on and off automatically or manually. This way, the lights can be on during the day but turn off at night, or turn off after a certain amount of hours.

Energy Efficiency

When stringing lights on a palm tree it is important to be energy efficient. Choosing LED lights is a good choice to achieve this as they are brighter and more energy-efficient than ordinary strand-lights. Always use the correct wattage for your sockets and make sure to turn off the lights if they are not in use.

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