When To Pick Avocados Off Tree In California

Identifying Ripe and Ready-to-Pick Avocados in California

Avocados are one of the richest natural resources both for California and the world. Native to the warmer parts of Central and South America, the avocado tree has been popularized over the years in California due to its unique taste and versatility in cooking. Unfortunately, knowing when to pick them is not always easy, as their ripening requires a bit more finesse and know-how. So when is the best time to pick an avocado from a California tree?
The correct answer largely depends on the specific variety of the avocado in question. For example, some types of avocados need to stay on the tree for about two months and should be harvested in the late summer or fall. Others on the other hand may need to stay on the tree for up to six months, and are often called as “winter avocados” as they are to be picked in late winter or early spring. Of course, there are also varieties which ripen more quickly and can thus be picked much earlier.
Therefore, the question at hand is not so much “when is the best time to pick avocados in California?”, but more like “which type of avocados do I have?”. In order to answer this, it is important to research the variety you have at your fingertips. In addition, looking out for tell-tale signs of ripeness can also help.
Generally, with both the ready-to-eat and all-purpose varieties, the most important thing to look for is slight softness when pressure is applied gently to the one third upper part of the avocado near the stem or on the end. If the avocado does not yield to mild pressure, try a different one as this one is likely not yet ripe. As for winter avocados, those produce a distinct cracking sound when the fruit slightly separates from the stem.
Other signs that can provide clues include colour, shape and size. For instance, Hass avocados are normally a deep, almost black colour when ripe, whereas the green of a Fuerte remains a bit more vibrant. Depending on the type, avocados either remain uniformly shaped and get slightly rounder when ripening, or they become longer and thinner.
For some, picking the right avocado can be an exact science. Experts have said that to achieve almost seamless ripening, it is best to harvest the fruit while they are still slightly hard and green so they retain their taste and texture when ripening. Furthermore, picking them in late afternoon provides the best quality, as the sugars within the fruit are more concentrated at that time.

Risks of Picking Unripe Avocados in CA

Although artificial ripening with ethylene gas or light exposure can accelerate the process, it is not recommended for avocados as it can affect the flavour and make them mushy. Therefore, picking unripe avocados in California usually means waiting for them to get ripe, which can take up to several weeks and even months.
Furthermore, unripe avocados can come with other risks as well. For instance, slipping from the tree while harvesting can result in injury if protective gear is not used. In addition, depending on the quantity of unripe avocados you have picked, you might not have enough storage space if they all ripen at the same time and not a few weeks apart.
Another risk is that unripe avocados have a much lower appeal to consumers than those that have already been picked at just the right moment. This means that their market value would be lower and demand less, eventually leading to a lower income.
All in all, the majority of the risks come with not knowing the specific variety of avocados you have and not having enough patience to wait for them to be perfectly ripe and ready to pick. Therefore, it is essential to research the type and determine the best moment for picking.

Extended Harvest Window for Avocados in California

Avocados can be harvested throughout the year in California depending on the specific variety. During the summer, those varieties ripening early are harvested from May through June and late summer ones from July through August. Whereas during the cooler months, the winter varieties are usually harvested from December through March.
This extended harvest window makes it much easier to have avocados always available to consumers. Moreover, as the fruit has a high shelf life and already softened ones can still be used in other recipes, such as guacamole, it becomes an even more desirable produce.
Taking advantage of the extended harvest and being able to adjust the market supply to the demand can be a major advantage to those trying to make a living out of avocados. As the industry continues to grow, more and more have started to find their interest in the area. Thus, if you have an avocado farm, it is best to use this time to your advantage and keep track of how the different varieties develop.

Environmental Factors Influencing Avocado Ripening

The avocado ripening process depends largely on exposure to light, humidity and temperature. Because of this, the ripening process can be greatly influenced by the environment. Therefore, if you are located in a warm, humid region but do not get much sunlight, chances are that the avocado will not ripen as quickly as in a warm and sunny area.
On the other hand, if you have an especially cold and dark region, the tree is more prone to problems such as frost and heat damage. Ultimately, it all depends on the specific environment and the amount of care put into the plants.
Those who have been able to adapt to the environment have managed to obtain a larger yield in the avocado business. This is especially prevalent in California, as the climate and soil composition are relatively consistent from one area to the other.

Storage and Handling Tips for Avocados in California

Once avocados from California are ready to be picked, the next important step is to properly store and handle them in order to avoid any problems. This is especially true for unripe avocados which can be harmed easily. For instance, when it comes to the storage, it is best to keep unripe avocados in a cool, dark place, as direct sunlight can cause them to ripen faster than they should.
Furthermore, the way the fruit is handled is also very important. For example, putting them in plastic bags is not a good idea, as the lack of air can speed up the ripening process. Rather, it is best to keep them in a paper bag or better yet spread them out on a mesh tray as this allows additional air to circulate around them.
Finally, it is also important to keep track of the temperatures. Storing them in below 50 degrees Fahrenheit will make them last longer. On the other hand, temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit create a higher risk of the avocado turning brown or over-ripening without providing the creamy texture usually associated with it.

Nutrition Benefits of Avocados in California

Despite being a high-fat fruit, avocados provide a wide range of health benefits. Internationally, it is considered a superfood, as it is rich in essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamins B, C and E, iron, zinc, magnesium and potassium.
In addition, they are also a good source of fiber, which can help regulate digestion and prevent cholesterol from accumulating in the blood vessels. Furthermore, the fatty acids found in the flesh of the avocado have been said to reduce inflammation and the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
Moreover, there are some studies which suggest that the cholesterol-lowering effects of avocados may even exceed that of other fruits and vegetables. For instance, avocados are said to contain more beta-sitosterol, a plant-based sterol that can block the intestinal absorption of cholesterol in humans, than any other natural food.

Avocado for Beauty & Wellness in California

Avocados are abundant in minerals, vitamins and fatty acids which can be beneficial for your appearance and wellbeing. For instance, their Vitamin E content makes them great for skin care, as it helps skin to look healthy and reduces wrinkles, fine lines and age spots.
Moreover, applying avocado oil or mashed avocado on your skin can provide deep and lasting hydration and help lock in moisture. Additionally, consuming avocados has been linked to a healthier, shinier hair and thicker nails due to their abundance in Omega-3 fatty acids.
Furthermore, the antioxidants present in the fruit can help reduce inflammation, rinse out the toxins and aid digestion, which in turn may promote overall wellness and boost your immune system. In short, adding avocados to your diet can be a great way to nourish your body inside and out.

Marketing & Business Opportunities with Avocado in California

Avocado is gaining popularity worldwide due to its high nutritional value, taste, texture and increasing demand. This makes it an ideal product to invest in and create a successful business. For instance, making use of the extended harvest window and taking advantage of the crop cycle can be beneficial to those with farms in California.
Furthermore, the development of new recipes and products can also open up new commercial opportunities for those in the industry. More exciting than ever, with the rise of products such as vegan mayonnaise and other delicious treats, the avocado industry can gain an even larger market.
Taking advantage of social media platforms can also help increase the popularity of such products as well as other related content such as tips on nutrition, home-made recipes or even lifestyle topics. Finally, investing in research and development initiatives to create new varieties and facilitate the distribution can also go a long way.

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