Where To Buy A Weeping Cherry Tree Near Me


A weeping cherry tree, also known as a pendula cherry, provides a picturesque and graceful look to your garden. With its curving branches of soft pink blossoms, the weeping cherry is a festive addition to your outdoor space. The tree is the ideal size for smaller gardens, usually growing between 3 and 10 meters tall. If you’re wondering where to buy a weeping cherry tree near you, you’re in luck. A variety of nurseries and online stores are available to purchase from. Keep reading to learn more about where to buy a weeping cherry tree.

Local Garden Centres and Nurseries

One of the most convenient places to buy a weeping cherry tree is at a local garden centre or nursery. Garden centres typically have everything you need to care for your new tree, including soil, fertilizer and supplies. You can also speak with knowledgeable staff who can answer any questions you may have about fertilizing and watering the tree. When you buy a weeping cherry tree from a reputable nursery, they should provide advice on how to cultivate the best results.

Online Stores

If you’re looking for a wider selection of weeping cherry trees, then you may want to consider shopping online. The majority of online stores are regulated and meet strict guidelines for quality assurance. In addition, online stores often have cheaper prices, as well as better selection. When ordering online, make sure to read the customer reviews so you get a better idea of the tree’s quality. If you do choose to purchase from an online store, make sure that it ships the tree directly to your door.

Tips for Planting

When planting a weeping cherry tree, you’ll want to make sure you have the right conditions for success. Soil should be well-draining and fertile; a general rule of thumb for soil pH is 6.0 to 8.0. You’ll also want to make sure the tree receives full sun or partial shade. The tree should be planted at least two to three feet away from other trees and structures. Once you’ve chosen the right location, make sure to keep the tree well-watered, especially during the summer months. Fertilizing once in late winter and again in late summer will provide essential nutrients to the tree.


Pruning is an important part of keeping your weeping cherry tree healthy and looking its best. The best time to prune is early in the spring before new growth appears. Begin by removing dead or damaged branches. Next, trim back the new growth so that it is the same length as the older wood. You may also want to thin out some of the interior branches so that light can reach the center of the tree. Heavy pruning may be necessary when transplanting a tree to a new location so that the roots have enough space to establish.

Diseases and Pests

Weeping cherry trees are prone to many diseases and pests, so it is important to keep an eye out for any signs of trouble. Leaf spot fungus and root rot are common problems that can be caused by overwatering or poor soil drainage. Aphids, caterpillars and spider mites can also cause damage to the tree. Keeping the tree well-watered and fertilized will help ward off disease and pests. If you do see any signs of trouble, contact your local nursery or garden centre for advice.

Care and Maintenance

The best way to keep your weeping cherry tree looking its best is with regular care and maintenance. Keep the tree well-watered and fertilized, as this will help to encourage healthy growth. Prune the tree regularly to ensure it has the desired shape and size. Be sure to monitor the tree for pests and disease and act quickly if you see any signs of trouble. With the right care, a weeping cherry tree can provide many years of beauty to your garden.

Delivery and Aftercare

When you buy a weeping cherry tree, you will want to consider the delivery and aftercare options. Many nurseries and garden centres offer delivery services to ensure the tree is safely transported. If you purchase from an online store, you will want to make sure the tree is sent directly to your home. Additionally, most online stores will provide aftercare advice on how to cultivate your tree once it has arrived.

Site Selection

Before purchasing a weeping cherry tree, it is important that you select the right spot in your garden. Make sure the tree will have plenty of sun or partial shade. The site should have well-draining soil and avoid overhanging structures or other trees. You will also want to make sure the tree is planted at least two to three feet away from any other structures. Taking these steps will ensure the tree has the best possible conditions for success.

Purchasing Options

When purchasing a weeping cherry tree, you will want to consider the different options available. Local garden centres and nurseries offer good quality trees, as well as advice and supplies. Online stores also provide a good selection and often cheaper prices. No matter what option you choose, make sure to look for trees with healthy, vibrant foliage and read customer reviews before making a purchase.


The costs associated with purchasing and caring for a weeping cherry tree can vary depending on which option you choose. Buying directly from a nursery or garden centre is usually more expensive as it often includes delivery and aftercare. Buying from an online store typically offers cheaper prices, although you will also have to factor in the cost of delivery. Additionally, regular care and maintenance of the tree may require soil, fertilizer, and other supplies.


When shopping for a weeping cherry tree, there are a few things to keep in mind. The tree should be healthy and free of pests or disease. If you are purchasing from an online store, make sure it has a good reputation and read customer reviews. Make sure the tree will have adequate sun or partial shade, good soil and enough space to grow. Finally, consider the costs associated with purchasing, delivering, planting and caring for the tree.

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