Where Was Love Under Lemon Tree Filmed

The 2003 romantic comedy movie Love Under the Lemon Tree was filmed in several locations throughout Italy. The opening scene was shot in Modica, located in Sicily. The main heroine of the movie, Luisa, is from this small, Mediterranean town. Filming then moved to Genova, a coastal city in Northwest Italy that plays a significant role in the middle of the movie. The other location used for shooting is Milan located in Northern Italy, a city well known for its modern architecture and fashion.

Love Under the Lemon Tree is a movie about a young woman named Luisa, who is on the search for true love. She moves to Genova to start a new life and meets several people who teach her lessons about life and its many surprises. Throughout her journey, Luisa gradually discovers what is truly important in life and forms a deeper connection with her family and her hometown.

The movie was directed by Andrea Porporati, an Italian director whose films have gained success in both domestic and international markets. Porporati used real locations and based his script on his native culture and traditions. All of this makes Love Under the Lemon Tree highly realistic and enjoyable.

The main cast consists of well-known Italian actors, such as Gina McKee, Marina Rocco, and Elena Cotta. The chemistry between the characters was captured beautifully during the filming, making the movie romantic and inspiring.

Not just a love story, Love Under the Lemon Tree portrays deep human emotions and observations, making it an unforgettable cinematic experience. Thanks to the director’s approach and the hard work of the crew, the film has gained both critical and commercial success.

Filming Techniques

The techniques used during filming of Love Under the Lemon Tree are worth noting. Porporati used Italian language and culture throughout the movie, creating a truly authentic atmosphere. He also used real locations for the best possible effect. Shots of real Italian streets and buildings truly made the movie come to life.

The director used a hand-held camera technique to keep a certain tone and create a certain feeling throughout the movie. This provided an exciting and intimate perspective that viewers could relate to. Furthermore, the camera followed certain characters closely, giving the audience a close view of their emotions.

To create the movie’s sense of tension, Porporati used subtle sound effects such as voices, music, and sound of the ocean. All of this helped to make Love Under the Lemon Tree a truly captivating movie.

The colors and lighting used in the movie were also very important in conveying the desired mood. Porporati combined multiple colors such as yellow and blue to create a unique atmosphere. The lighting was also very effective in creating a subtle, romantic feel that stayed with viewers long after the movie was over.


The movie was a big success, earning several awards and nominations. It won the Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists Award for Best Cinematography and was nominated for Best Film at the Venice Film Festival. Love Under the Lemon Tree was also a hit in the Italian box office, grossing over 7 million Euros in its first weekend.

The movie has also achieved international success. It was screened at several film festivals worldwide and also gained a nomination for “Best Foreign Language Film” at the Academy Awards. Due to its popularity, it was released in many countries, including the United States, giving viewers from all over the world to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of this unique romantic comedy.

Critical Response

Love Under the Lemon Tree was a critical success, with many reviewers praising the movie for its realism and authenticity. The movie was described as “a beautiful and poetic story, filled with love and life lessons”. It was also said that the movie was “heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time”.

Furthermore, the movie was praised by critics for its use of cinematography and its unique style. One reviewer noted that the movie was “beautifully shot and has a great sense of style”. Critics also commended the cast, describing the performances as “the heart and soul of the movie”.

The movie was also praised for its use of music. The soundtrack was composed by renowned Italian composer Ennio Morricone, who used an uplifting and hopeful score to bring the film to life. The music is also said to have been “a perfect blend of Italian and international style”.


Love Under the Lemon Tree has become a classic and is often referred to as one of the best Italian romantic comedies of all time. It has been cited by many filmmakers as an inspiration, and its story has been revisited in other works. The movie continues to touch viewers with its timeless message and its memorable characters.

The film is also noteworthy for being the directorial debut of one of Italy’s most talented filmmakers. Porporati created a unique and lyrical work of art that has been appreciated by both critics and audiences. He has gone on to direct several other successful films, reaffirming his talent and status as one of Italy’s most promising filmmakers.

DVD and Blu-Ray

Since its theatrical release, Love Under the Lemon Tree has been released on DVD and Blu-ray multiple times. The original DVD version was released in 2004, and the Blu-ray version was released in 2010. It is currently available on a selection of online streaming services such as Netflix, giving viewers the option to watch it in different languages.

The Blu-ray version of Love Under the Lemon Tree also comes with several special features. It includes deleted scenes, an interview with Porporati, a behind-the-scenes featurette, and more. These special features offer a deeper insight into the world of Love Under the Lemon Tree, allowing viewers to get an even more immersive experience.


Love Under the Lemon Tree has also spawned a wide selection of merchandise, ranging from posters and t-shirts to stuffed toys. There are also soundtrack CDs available for purchase, featuring Morricone’s iconic score.

These products have proven to be very popular among fans, allowing them to express their appreciation for the movie in a tangible way. As such, these merchandise items play a role in keeping the movie’s legacy alive.

Final Thoughts

Love Under the Lemon Tree is a romantic comedy that has achieved both critical and commercial success. It is set in the unique atmosphere of Italy and is a movie full of heart and soul. It was well-received by both critics and audiences and has spawned several merchandise items. Above all else, Love Under the Lemon Tree is a charming and inspiring cinematic experience that should not be missed.

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