Where Was Love Under The Lemon Tree Filmed At

Love under the lemon tree was filmed mainly in Mexico. This romantic drama was shot in some of the most iconic film locations in the country, including lush forests and breathtaking beaches. The crew also shot in various villages and small-town locations along the way. Moreover, numerous studios were used for both interior and exterior scenes.  

The most iconic film location used for production was the Mexican state of Oaxaca. The crew used the town of Tlaxiaco as the main backdrop for most of the exterior scenes. They also used two of its surrounding beautiful parks, The National Park Benito Juarez and The National Park of El Venado. Besides, they also filmed in numerous small towns located in the same state.  

In addition, the crew spent some time filming in the state of Veracruz. They specifically filmed in some breathtaking sceneries located in its northern coast. For instance, they shot some scenes in El Presidente Beach, one of the state’s most stunning beach locations. It is located in the northern coast of Veracruz, in a place called “the Key of the Gulf of Mexico”. Moreover, numerous villages also welcomed the crew during the production process.  

It is important to mention that several studios were also used for production. For example, the crew used Cine Estudios among others for some of the interior scenes. This studio is one of the most renowned when it comes to television and film production, as it has hosted several award-winning films and series such as “Love in the Time of Cholera” and “ Mexico City: The State of Things”, to name a few.  

To summarize, Love Under the Lemon Tree was mainly filmed in Mexico. The main backdrop used during production was the state of Oaxaca, followed by the state of Veracruz. Furthermore, some of the interior scenes were filmed in renowned studios such as Cine Estudios. Finally, numerous villages and breathtaking locations were used during the production process, resulting in one of the most stunning films to ever emerge from Mexico.

Filming Locations in Mexico

When it comes to filming in Mexico, the country offers a wide variety of options. It provides filmmakers with a diverse landscape, ranging from lush forests to stunning beaches, plus numerous small villages and big cities. This incredible variety allows writers and directors to bring their creative ideas to life in a visually-alluring way. Love under the Lemon Tree was filmed mainly in Mexico, utilizing some of its most iconic sceneries.

In particular, the crew filmed in two states in particular. As mentioned before, the main backdrop used was the state of Oaxaca, in the south of the country. Here, two protected parks were used during production. The National Park Benito Juarez and The National Park of El Venado welcomed the crew on numerous occasions. Besides, several small towns in this area also presented great filming locations. On the other hand, they also used the state of Veracruz, utilizing its northern coast mainly. El Presidente Beach, located in the so-called “Key of the Gulf of Mexico”, was one of the most breathtaking locations used in the film.

Apart from exterior locations, the team also used several studios for both interior and production scenes. Cine Estudios was used for some of the interiors scenes. This studio is one of the most renowned in the country, hosting some of the most successful films and series of the industry. Thus, it was the perfect place for the cast and crew to come up with extraordinary pieces of art.

Shooting Sequence in Mexico

While in Mexico, the crew used a sequence to shoot the film. It is important to mention that this plan was envisioned by the director and producers prior to deciding on film locations. Then, as the plan was ready for production, production began in the state of Oaxaca. This state welcomed the whole cast and crew for a month, as they filled up the whole schedule for the state. The surrounding small towns and the two protected parks were the areas chosen for shooting the majority of the film’s scenes.

Following that, the crew moved to the state of Veracruz. There, they had the chance to explore a more diverse landscape, as the ocean was part of the filming journey. El Presidente Beach was the main destination, as it offered them both breathtaking sceneriess plus thrilling action sequences. Besides, they had the chance to meet new characters this resort could bring to the film set.

Once the team returned to Mexico City, they head straight to the studios with their scenes already ready to film the interiors. Something that makes Mexico City stand out is the sheer number of studios available and their access to some of the greatest cinematographers this industry can offer. Thus, the team seized this opportunity to bring the best out of their already recorded scenes.

To wrap it up, the shooting sequence in Mexico was well-planned in advance. After scouting for locations, the production began in the state of Oaxaca, utilizing the surrounding areas and small towns. Following that, the crew visited the state of Veracruz for a month, taking advantage of both the stunning sceneries and the action sequences El Presidente Beach could provide. Lastly, after collecting all the external scenes, production headed to Mexico City where the team filmed the interiors.

Challenges During Filming in Mexico

As with any other production process, Love under the Lemon Tree had to face numerous challenges during filming in Mexico. Unpredictable weather and diverse terrain were some of the main difficulties the team had to tackle during the process. In addition to this, they had to consider the safety of all their equipment and the cast.

When it comes to the weather, the crew had to face a wide variety of conditions. During their visit to the state of Oaxaca, they had to deal with temperatures ranging from 100 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit, not to mention that rain was part of the package on numerous occasions. Besides, the mountains and forests presented interesting challenges, ranging from terrain difficulties to eco-friendly policies. Thus, the crew had to organize everything from cautious filming techniques to finding ways to avoid harming the environment.

Furthermore, the team had to consider the safety of the equipment. Since some parts of the production took place in remote areas, the crew had to think of creative ways to properly secure their gear. As for the cast, the producers and directors had to ensure that every actor was safe at all times.

Overall, the team encountered interesting challenges during their stay in Mexico. From unpredictable weather to terrain difficulties and eco-friendly policies, the whole cast and crew had to prove their organic capacity to adapt and come up with creative solutions. Moreover, they had to consider the safety of both their equipment and the cast. To achieve that, they had to come up with innovative ways to secure their gear during their visits to remote locations and to keep the actors safe at all times.

The Benefits of Filming in Mexico

Mexico is an interesting country to film. Apart from its diverse landscape, ranging from beaches to forests, this nation is home to some of the most talented professionals in the industry. That is why it is one of the main destinations for filmmakers around the world.

When it comes to Love under the Lemon Tree, it is worth mentioning the amazing services the cast and crew received from the local Production Designers. These visionaries provided the team with the necessary knowledge and experienced-based skills to accurately film in Mexico. They are professionals who have filmed in this country before, understanding the process and procedures that it involves.

Likewise, the costumes, makeup and hair-styling departments of the film also benefited from local professionals. The production took advantage of the unique skills of Mexican professionals to accurately portray the narrative. For example, the costume designers were some of the most renowned of the industry – they worked with other award-winning film productions before.

Moreover, the film took the help of Mexico-based VFX studios to achieve some of the most complex shots. These spectacular effects were created by local teams of professionals who presented the whole crew with their innovative techniques. Through the help of these departments, the filmmakers were able to successfully complete their vision and bring Love under the lemon tree to life.

In conclusion, the benefits of filming in Mexico for Love under the Lemon Tree were many. For starters, the Production Designers provided the team with the necessary knowledge and experience-based advice. Furthermore, the other departments such as costumes, makeup and hair-styling contributed with their unique skills. Lastly, VFX studios based in Mexico worked their magic to achieve some of the most spectacular shots of the movie.

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