How Do You Make A Family Tree On Apple Pages

Making a family tree is not difficult with the help of Apple Pages. To begin, one needs to first open Pages and select “File” and click “New” and “Choose Blank” or select “Graphics” and click “Family Tree.” Next, they need to add lines and shapes and fill in details of family members such as names, birth dates, marriage dates, etc. There are tools available to create different shapes like boxes, circles and add labels, branches, leaves and other objects. The color palette of the family tree can be changed and additional items can be added to the design element list. With the help of these tools, a family tree can be made in a few simple steps.

Types of Family Tree Symbols

Creating a family tree involves adding symbols for the different members, such as male, female, and fathers, sons, daughters, etc. Different family trees have their own symbols, which are associated with a particular family. Typically, their meanings are either related to biological or religious background of the family. Furthermore, symbols like boxes and circles can be used to differentiate between different generations. On Apple Pages, one can click the Family Tree template, fill in the family details according to their needs, and adjust the shape, text, size and color of the symbols to make the family tree individualized and unique.

Customizing and Adding Details

Apple Pages allows one to customize the family tree and add family members, as well as photos, stories and other related information. One can also add explanatory text with citations to provide additional details about the individual family members. Adding photos on the branches and leaves of the family tree and the other objects, will not only make the family tree look unique, but will help distinguish and remember the more important members of the family. In addition, different color palettes can be used to better highlight and visualize the family tree.

Sharing Options

Once the family tree is finished, exporting and saving the project is just a few clicks away. With Apple Pages, one can share their family tree with others via a social network or email in the PDF format. Alternatively, one can go to the print option, select “Save as PDF” and save their family tree as a PDF file.

Organizing and Sorting

Organizing and sorting the members of a family tree is crucial to getting an accurate representation of the family’s history. On Apple Pages, this can be easily done by dragging and dropping the members, sorting them by generation and selecting whom to include. One can also select the input format for the members, such as male, female, son, daughter, etc., for easier management and customization. Additionally, with the help of the Apple Pages inbuilt features, one can group members, display multiple levels of families and even include pets, in their family tree.

Final Touches

In the end, one can make their family tree more personalized by adding background images or any other embellishments. They can also add additional elements like special text boxes, frames and videos. To make the family tree look professional, one can create a title using fonts, set the font sizes and apply any of the pre-made after-effects. Once the final touches are made, the new family tree is ready to be printed or shared online.

Making an Editable Family Tree

If one wants to make their family tree editable, there are options available on Apple Pages to do so. One can make a template of the family tree and edit it as and when required. This involves making the template a reusable project, which can be updated and edited easily. Once the template is done, so is the family tree. Nonetheless, one can still perform some last minute touch ups before sending or publishing it.

Tips for Making a Fabulous Family Tree

Creating a family tree is more than just entering the names and details of family members. To make a fabulous family tree, here are some tips and tricks one can use. Firstly, they should try to keep it brief. Omitting unnecessary details and focusing on the important facts will help make the tree look neat. Secondly, they should limit the family tree to two or three generations. Adding more than three generations is rarely practical and may cause confusion. Thirdly, one should limit their design preferences to the minimum and keep the design simple. Lastly, they should organize the data systematically to provide better understanding of the family history.

Including Other Family Members

Building a family tree is fun but one wants to make sure that everyone in their family is included. To do this, one needs to work on the family tree little by little, until all the family members are included. Another option is to get in touch with the relatives, confirm the details and get their input for the same. In some cases, one can even ask their parents or grandparents for more details about their family tree. One should make sure the dates and other details are accurate, so the family tree looks professional.

Discovering Ancestors

Apart from tracking lineage, making a family tree is also a great way to discover one’s ancestors. One can search online or in books to search for names, historical records, ancestral villages and other details. They can also online platforms such as FamilySearch and Genealogy to find out more information about their family. With the help of these platforms, one can even create a timeline of their family’s history and trace their ancestry back centuries.

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