How Long Does An Avocado Tree Live

Avocado Tree Life Cycle

Avocados are the beloved produce of many, with its many health benefits, creamy texture and buttery taste. But how long does an avocado tree live? The potential of an avocado tree lifespan is up to 100 years in ideal conditions yet most commonly, an avocado tree lives about 12 to 20 years. As a subtropical plant, the avocado tree needs a sufficient amount of water, heat and humidity for it to thrive and remain healthy for years.

Growing Conditions

Oftentimes, the difference between an avocado tree that survived many years and one that didn’t is thanks to the climate and space conditions. Avocado trees need good drainage, plenty of sunlight and airflow to flourish. Tress should be planted in an area that gets full sunlight of 8 to 10 hours per day. Because avocados are subtropical plants, they also require a heat-moderate climate that has warmer days and slightly cooler nights in order to set fruit. Commonly, each season an avocado tree will produce around 400-600 avocados depending on the age of the tree and the conditions in which it is grown in.

Fertilizing and Pruning

Like any other tree, the avocado tree needs to be frequently taken care of in order to stay in its best condition. Fertilizing an avocado tree is advised for producing healthy trees and good fruits. Young avocado trees should be fertilized three to four times a year, while older and mature trees should be fertilized at least once a year. Pruning is another important factor, as it controls the shape and size of the avocado tree, therefore increasing its life span. Prune the plants in winter when the tree is dormant in order to reduce the shade and to allow for more air circulation.

Diseases and Pests

Unfortunately, one of the major threats to the crops of an avocado tree is mother nature itself – severe weather and climate change. Frost and hail have also been known to damage the foliage and fruits of avocado trees. Diseases and pests can also cause damage to avocados that could rot the fruit and greatly reduce the tree’s lifespan. Some common diseases are Anthracnose, Phytophthora Root Rot, and Black Streak. As for pests, the most common avocado pests include mites, scale insects, and mealybugs.

Care for an Avocado Tree

Caring for an avocado tree is key to helping it live to its full potential. Avocado trees are fairly tolerant to most soil types, however it is best to provide a slightly acidic environment and well-draining soil in order to get the best results. As soon as the avocado tree is planted, it is important to water the tree regularly by keeping the soil moist. An avocado tree also needs to be regularly mulched to protect the tree roots and to help maintain its healthy shape.

Replacing an Avocado Tree

At some point, if the avocado tree is beyond repair and must be replaced, care must be taken in order to ensure that the new tree grows successfully. As for the replaced avocado tree, raisers can use a wood chipper to reduce the wood pieces, then the wood chips can be used as an organic fertilizer either in their garden or even in the compost. To replant a new avocado tree, the new tree should be purchased through a reputable nursery in order to make sure its free from any kind of diseases or pest.

Reaping the Rewards

An avocado tree can yield its rewards for a long time if its cared for properly and given the best conditions. From planting to its last stand, the reward of an avocado tree is the fresh, delicious avocados it produces. Those who are able to maintain an avocado tree throughout the years can enjoy its abundance of fruits and the considerable financial gains that come with it.


Giving conditions right, an avocado tree can produce a considerable amount of fruits. And an average healthy tree can produce 5 to 10 bushels of avocados each season, with each bushel containing 15 to 20 avocados. The age and strain of the tree are important to note when trying to get a general idea of the productivity of a tree.

Choosing the Right Variety

Choosing the right variety of avocado tree is another factor that could help to maximize the tree’s lifespan and productivity. Different strains of avocados produce better in different climates, therefore it’s important to consult with a local expert and asses which variety is most suitable for that type of climate, as it could be the difference between a lifetime of success or a lifetime of failure.

Preventative Measures

For maximum preservation, taking critical and preventative measures to prolong an avocado tree’s life is key. Alongside the aforementioned caretaking, it is also important to pay attention to the roots of the tree, as the root of the avocado tree are a mother of all their nourishment. In addition, providing adequate space for air and water to reach the tree roots is essential for keeping the tree healthy and alive for a lifetime.

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