How To Keep Birds From Eating Cherries On Tree

Floating Islands

The use of floating islands to keep birds away from cherries on a tree is a simple yet effective solution. Floating islands are popularly used in areas where birds invade vulnerable crops such has cherries, berries and vegetables. Floating islands float on the water’s surface and can be shaped like a platform or mesh enclosure. The edge of the netting material is usually weighted down. These islands are especially useful for keeping birds away from cherries since they are able to float and provide a distraction for the birds. This method is effective for its simplicity and relatively low cost.

Bird Netting

Bird netting is a popular technique used to keep birds away from cherries. Bird netting is made from a lightweight and fine mesh material that is large enough to cover the entire tree. The netting’s holes are small enough to prevent even the smallest birds from entering. The advantage of this method is that it is easy to use, requires minimal maintenance and is cost effective. However, it will have to be removed at the end of the fruiting season.

Wind Chimes

The use of wind chimes around the cherry trees is a popular way to scare away birds. Wind chimes are designed to emit loud and unpredictable noises when they move in the wind. The loud and random noises produce an uncomfortable environment for birds and will make them hesitate before perching. However, wind chimes can be expensive and might need to be replaced frequently if they break down.

Visual Scare Devices

Visual scare devices, such as fake owls, reflective strips or shiny objects, are another way to deter birds from cherry trees. These devices are designed to look frightening and will help make the birds feel uncomfortable and scared. This is an effective way to keep birds away from the trees and the devices do not require a lot of maintenance. However, the birds may eventually become used to the devices and stop being scared.

Chemical Repellents

Chemical repellents, such as bird repellent sprays, are another popular way to deter birds from cherry trees. These products are designed to make the cherries taste bad to birds and will help keep them away. Chemical repellents require minimal maintenance and can be easily applied to fruit trees. However, the effectiveness of these products can be affected by rain, wind, and other environmental factors.

Audible Noises

One of the most popular ways to keep birds away from cherry trees is the use of audible noises. Recordings of birds in distress or distress calls can be used to create a frightening environment that will drive birds away from the cherry trees. These recordings can be played with a loud speaker system and require minimal maintenance. On the downside, this method might need to be replaced with different calls if the birds become used to them.

Trapping And Releasing

Trapping and releasing birds is another way to keep them away from cherry trees. This method is used to capture birds and release them far away from the trees. This method works well in areas where there are an excessive number of birds and can help keep the cherry trees from being damaged. However, professional assistance may be needed to properly trap and release the birds and this can be quite expensive.

Organic Repellents

Using organic repellents is another way to keep birds away from cherry trees. Organic repellents contain natural oils and plant extracts that are not harmful to birds but will make the cherries taste unpleasant for them. These products are readily available in local garden stores and some online retailers. Organic repellents require minimal maintenance and are safe to use, but may not affect all types of birds.

Habitat Modification

Habitat modification is a technique used to make the cherry tree area inhospitable to birds. This method involves removing perches, such as trees, walls and buildings, that birds may use to rest near the cherry tree. Habitat modification can be used to reduce the attractiveness of the area to birds. However, it may not be possible to remove habitat features in some areas.

Identification Of Birds

Identifying which birds are causing the problem is an important step to take when trying to keep birds away from cherry trees. Different birds will respond to different methods of deterrence. Consequently, it is important to identify the birds involved to determine which techniques will be the most effective. Bird identification can be done by experienced professionals or through the use of bird identification guides and apps.

Attracting Natural Predators

Attracting natural predators is another way to keep birds away from cherry trees. Common predators of birds, such as cats and hawks, can be attracted to the area and will help to keep the birds away. This method requires minimal maintenance, but can be difficult to properly implement. Professional guidance may be needed if this approach is chosen.

Sprinklers And Water Cannons

Water sprinklers and water cannons are effective ways to keep birds away from cherry trees. Water sprinklers are designed to shoot out jets of water that will scare birds away. Water cannons are large water jets that can cover a wider area and will effectively scare birds away. However, these methods require more maintenance and can be expensive.

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