How To Make A Gumpaste Palm Tree

Ingredients and Equipment Needed

Making a gum paste palm tree is not as complicated as it may seem. All you need to get started is the right equipment and ingredients. For gum paste, you will need fondant, gumpaste mix, corn syrup, food coloring, and small paintbrush. In addition to the gum paste materials, you will need a polystyrene cone, Styrofoam disk, five–inch pastry roller, knife or pastry cutter, paper towel, and olive oil.

Making the Tree Trunk

The first step to making a gum paste palm tree is to make the tree trunk. Begin by cutting a 4–5 inch polystyrene cone with a knife or a pastry cutter. Place the cone onto a Styrofoam disk, or a cutting board if you don’t have a disk. Cover the cone with a thin layer of gum paste and let it dry for a few hours. Once dry, use a damp paper towel to slowly remove the gum paste from the cone. This will give the tree its rough bark.

Creating the Leaves

Once the tree trunk is dry and ready, use the fondant and gum paste mix to create the leaves. Roll out the fondant until it is thin enough to cut out the leaves. Use a knife or a pastry cutter to cut out small palm leaves. Once the leaves are cut, press them gently onto the trunk of the tree, making sure they are evenly spaced. Let the leaves dry overnight before moving on to the next step.

Painting and Finishing Details

Once the leaves are all dry, it is time to add some finishing touches. Use food coloring to paint the trunk, leaves, and any other details. Use a small paint brush to paint the gum paste and let dry for a few hours. You can also use edible glitter to give the tree a bit of sparkle and shine.

Stabilizing the Tree

The final step in making a gum paste palm tree is to stabilize the tree. This can be done by wrapping a wire around the trunk of the tree and securing it with some olive oil. The oil will help to keep the wire in place, and will also keep the tree from toppling over.

Making the Base

The base of a gum paste palm tree is the foundation that will support the weight of the tree. Begin by cutting a 4–5 inch Styrofoam disk with a knife or a pastry cutter. Then, use a thin layer of gum paste to cover the disk. Let the gum paste dry for a few hours before moving on to the next step.

Attaching the Tree to the Base

Once the base is dry, you can attach the tree to the Styrofoam disk. Begin by pushing the tree trunk into the Styrofoam disk and pushing it down until the tree is secure. Then, use a toothpick or some tweezers to wrap a thin wire around the tree and base, to secure them together. This process will ensure that the tree is stable and secure.

Adding Decorations

The last step in making a gum paste palm tree is to add decorations. You can use fondant, sugar pearls, and food coloring to make small details and finish the look of the tree. You can also add some sand and shells around the base of the tree to give it an ocean-inspired look.


Making a gum paste palm tree is a fun and rewarding project that is accessible to beginners. All you need is the right ingredients, tools, and a bit of creativity to create a beautiful, lifelike tree. With patience and practice, anyone can make a stunning gum paste palm tree for any occasion.

Anita Miles is a nature enthusiast who loves to explore the different varieties of trees around the world. She has a passion for learning more about the different types of trees and their uses in landscaping. Anita is also an advocate for protecting our natural resources and preserving our forests for generations to come.

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