How To Make A Pineapple Palm Tree Centerpiece


Creating a pineapple palm tree centerpiece is an object lesson in bringing tropical vibes to your next big event. This easy-to- create DIY centerpiece is not only eye-catching, but it’s completely customizable. You can use plants of different heights, colors, and textures to create your own pineapple palm tree centerpiece. Plus, with a few shades of green plants and some other sturdy materials, you can create a true statement piece that brings the spirit of a summertime luau right to your table!

Materials Needed

A pineapple centerpieces requires some basic materials including a pot or basket to place the centerpiece in, pineapple palm plants, decorative stones, styrofoam, and butterflies. The small palm tree-like plants can typically be found at garden centers, nurseries, or even your local grocery store. Styrofoam is necessary because it helps the plants stay in place on the table. Decorative stones can be purchased for your desired look. The final touch for the centerpiece is butterflies, which you can find in craft stores.

Building the Pineapple Centerpiece

Begin building the centerpiece by placing the styrofoam in the basket or pot you have chosen. The styrofoam should be around 5 inches in height; if it’s too high, the plants will stick out over the edge of the basket. Next, add the stones for decoration. You’ll need about two to three pounds of stones, depending on the size of your basket. One you’re done, the styrofoam should be completely covered by the stones.

Adding the Pineapple Palm Plants

After the styrofoam is covered, begin adding your plants. Ensure to vary the heights of the plants, creating a mixed look. An easy way to do this is to add one large plant in the center, letting it peak out above the basket and two to three medium-sized plants on either side. This creates a tall, angular centerpoint to draw eyes to the centerpiece. After that, add the small plants to create a pineapple shape.

Finishing Touches

Once your pineapple shape is complete, the final step is adding the butterflies. Add them to the leaves of the plants for a playful and whimsical addition. Make sure to use butterflies that are waterproof – you don’t want them getting wet and blowing away during the event. These bright additions will bring your centerpiece to life.

Customizing the Centerpiece

Creating this pineapple palm tree centerpiece can also be an easy way to customize the look of your table. To further customize the look, choose a pot or basket that reflects your event’s color scheme or theme. With a few of your own suggestions, you can make your centerpiece stand out in all the right ways.

Adding Herbs and Fruit

Adding herbs and fruits to your pineapple centerpiece is an easy way to customize the design. Herbs like rosemary and mint tend to look great since they’re all shades of green. Fruit, like small oranges and lemons, will add a unique and attractive touch to the centerpiece. Just ensure that whatever additions you choose to use are securely attached to the centerpiece and won’t cause a hazard.

Tropical Florals

Tropical florals make a great addition to any summertime gathering. Adding florals to your pineapples palm tree centerpiece will give it a more tropical feel and brighten up your event. For this design, choose bright, bold florals in a shade of lavender, yellow, or hot pink.


Lighting can make a huge difference in the look of your pineapple palm tree centerpiece. If you’re indoors, use candlelight to bring out the full beauty of the plants and flowers. For an outdoor event, use string lights or fairy lights to give your pineapple palm tree centerpiece an even more festive look.

Final Thoughts

Creating a pineapple palm tree centerpiece is a great way to bring the spirit of a luau to your next event. Not only is it customizable and full of potential, but you get to give your own personal vibe and flair to the design. From adding herbs and fruit, lighting, or florals, you’re only limited by your creativity and imagination – Happy decorating!

Anita Miles is a nature enthusiast who loves to explore the different varieties of trees around the world. She has a passion for learning more about the different types of trees and their uses in landscaping. Anita is also an advocate for protecting our natural resources and preserving our forests for generations to come.

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