How To Save An Overwatered Avocado Tree

1. Diagnose the Problem

Many gardeners find that their avocado tree is overwatered. This can cause the leaves to droop, the trunk and branches to swell, and the bark to peel away. The leaves may also yellow, eventually leading to leaf drop. The root system of the tree becomes saturated, eventually leading to root rot, which can cause the tree to die. When an avocado tree is overwatered, it’s essential to take action immediately in order to save the tree.

2. Stop the Overwatering

The first step to save an overwatered avocado tree is to stop overwatering it. This may be easier said than done, as the causes of overwatering can be hard to pinpoint. Factors like water pressure in your hose, soil type, and climate can all influence how much water your avocado tree needs. Talk to a horticultural expert to help you understand the best watering practices for your location.

3. Improve Soil Drainage

Even if the overwatering issue is fixed, the soil in an avocado tree’s root zone may still be wet and boggy. To drain the excess water and allow air to reach the tree’s roots, improve the soil’s drainage. If you have sandy, loamy, or well-draining soils, consider adding organic matter like compost or aged manure. You can also add a soil amendment like vermiculite or perlite to improve drainage in heavy soils.

4. Prune the Tree

Unwanted branches or shoots of an avocado tree can crowd the tree and be a source of stress. To alleviate stress and improve airflow, prune away the deadwood, crowded branches, and anything else that you can easily reach without a ladder.

5. Aerate the Soil

If the soil around your tree has become compacted over time, aerate it with a garden fork. This will help increase drainage and give the tree’s roots access to oxygen.

6. Increase Sunlight Exposure

An avocado tree needs plenty of sunlight to survive. If the tree is in a shaded area, consider pruning nearby trees or shrubs to let in more light.

7. Fertilize the Tree

Once the overwatering issue has been addressed, you can start to revivify your tree with fertilizer. If you’re not sure what fertilizer to use, consult an expert. Keep in mind that too much fertilizer can harm the tree, so always fertilize in moderation.

8. Investigate Plant Diseases

Avocado trees can be susceptible to a variety of plant diseases, such as anthracnose and root rot. Infected trees may need to be replanted in a new location, or their soil may need to be treated with a fungicide. Have an expert diagnose any signs of disease and follow the recommended treatment.

9. Monitor the Tree

Once you’ve addressed the initial overwatering issue and treated the tree for any plant diseases, it’s important to keep monitoring your avocado tree for signs of overwatering. Check the trunk and branches for swelling, the leaves for yellowing or leaf drop, and the root system for evidence of root rot. By staying vigilant, you can save your avocado tree from dying due to overwatering.

Further Steps to Save an Overwatered Avocado Tree

1. Water Thoroughly and Deeply

An avocado tree needs plenty of water to stay healthy and thrive, but it’s important to give it only what it needs. Make sure you always water thoroughly and deeply to reach the tree’s deeper roots. Watering too frequently can lead to the tree becoming overwatered.

2. Mulch the Soil

Mulching is an easy way to keep the soil in your tree’s root zone cool and moist. Using a 2-3 inch layer of organic mulch will help reduce water evaporation and keep your tree’s root system hydrated.

3. Check Soil Moisture

It’s important to check the soil moisture regularly in order to make sure that you’re not over or under watering your tree. If the soil starts to dry out, give your tree a deep soak. If it becomes too wet, adjust your watering schedule accordingly.

4. Enhance Airflow

Good airflow is essential for healthy avocado trees. Make sure to check the bottom and top of the canopy for any blocks to airflow, and carefully prune away any obstructions. You can also try to add trees or shrubs around the tree to give it shade from direct sunlight.


Saving an overwatered avocado tree may seem daunting, but with the right steps, you can revive your tree and keep it healthy for years to come. Monitor the tree regularly, take proper steps to water, fertilize, and mulch, and ensure good airflow to ensure that your tree thrives.

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