Where Can I Buy A Grafted Avocado Tree

Online Stores

Avocado trees are available from online stores across the globe. They come in many varieties and can be bought as small saplings or larger plants. When ordering, it is important to check the delivery process and whether the supplier guarantees the health of the trees they are selling. Many stores offer a wider range of gum trees, fruit trees and other plants, and offer advice on how to best care for the avocado tree.

Local Nurseries

Grafted avocado trees can also be bought from local nurseries. They will usually have a wide range of trees to choose from and knowledgeable staff who can provide advice on how to keep it healthy. If the nursery has a website, they may also offer to ship the grafted avocado trees, but it is important to check the cost and delivery times before ordering. Local nurseries can also be a great source of information about local climate conditions, soil type and other factors that may affect the growth of the tree.

Specialised Growers

Many growers specialise in grafted avocado trees and will be able to provide more detailed advice as well as providing superior trees. Specialised growers may be willing to answer any questions about the care of the grafted avocado and provide additional information about the variety of avocado tree. The trees are often more expensive but the investment may be worth it if the grafted avocado tree is to produce desired fruits.

Auction Sites

Auction sites, such as eBay, offer a range of grafted avocado trees, usually at lower prices than retailers or nurseries. It is important to check the reviews of the auction site sellers and to shop around as auction sites often have different prices and delivery times.

Gardening Magazines and Websites

Gardening magazines and websites can be a valuable source of information about how to care for and correct grafted avocado trees. They may also advertise discounts for grafted avocado trees. Their advice and tips can help to ensure the tree stays healthy and can be a great source of help and inspiration.

Friends and Neighbours

Friends and neighbours can be a great source of advice and experience when it comes to caring for grafted avocado trees. They may also have grafted avocado trees that they are happy to give away or sell at a discounted rate. It’s always worth asking around to see if anyone has any helpful advice or if they know of any good nurseries or local suppliers.

Growing Conditions for Grafted Avocado Trees

Grafted avocado trees require regular watering and climatic conditions that are relatively warm, frost-free and humid. Grafted avocado trees thrive in well-drained soil and will bear fruit more quickly and uniformly when grown in rich soil. They need plenty of sunlight and the more warmth they receive, the faster they will fruits. For best results, it is recommended to fertilise the tree regularly and mulch the soil around the tree with organic material.

Supporting Grafted Avocado Trees with Pruning and Support

It’s important to support young grafted avocado trees by pruning the branches when necessary. Pruning helps to create a strong and balanced framework on which the tree will develop. Support must also be given to the tree to avoid breakage of branches and trunks due to strong winds, heavy fruits or diseases.

Pests and Diseases that Affect Grafted Avocado Trees

Grafted avocado trees are vulnerable to pests such as ants, mealybugs and aphids, as well as fungal diseases and nutritional deficiencies. Adequate watering and fertilisation are important to help the tree resist disease, and it is important to keep the area clean and free of decaying organic matter.

Harvesting and Storing Grafted Avocado Trees

When the fruits of the grafted avocado tree are ripe, they are ready to harvest. The fruits should be handled carefully as they can bruise easily. A spoon or similar tool can be used to gently scoop out the fruits. Once picked, the fruits should be stored in a cool, dark place and can be refrigerated to extend their shelf life.

Controlling the Size of Grafted Avocado Trees

Grafted avocado trees need regular pruning to keep their size manageable. Pruning helps to maintain a strong framework as well as create a more desirable shape. The tree should be pruned when it is young and each year, reducing weak and crossing branches as well as removing old fruits and shoots.

Fertilising Grafted Avocado Trees

To ensure the grafted avocado tree grows healthy and fruitful, it needs to be fertilised regularly. Fertilisers can be applied to the soil around the tree or used in liquid form on the leaves. Depending on the type of fertiliser used, it may need to be applied several times a year in varying amounts.

Protecting Grafted Avocado Trees from Frost and Cold Weather

Grafted avocado trees are vulnerable to frosts and cold weather. To protect them, it is important to provide proper insulation for the tree and provide adequate shelter from prevailing winds and strong sunlight. The tree should also be kept out of heavy rain, snow and frost and the soil should be kept moist but not wet.

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